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Dreams Are Reality

  • SERIES | Comedy
    32 episodes | 30 min
  • Season 1 | 2007
    Country of origin: Egypt
"For the first time, “Si Sayyed” appears as an iron woman in disguise. Zeinab El Chalkani is the typical stingy business woman, yet she pretends to be the most generous. Beneath the mask of the liberal and bighearted person, lies a tyrant.  She seemed to decide for her son’s college studies and choice of cars and look style, and for her daughter the suitable husband, her nephew, whom then she will treat so bad; as for her husband, a partner in business and life, she had reduced him to no one and nothing. But here comes the man who will turn her life upside down, her son, gone since more than 20 years, is back, and a drastic metamorphosis in her behavior made her look like the most gentle and the most generous but only with him! for the cat and mouse game goes on forever as if the war is waged on everyone and everything... 

But the beloved son had promised all conflicts will be gone soon.
Will he ever make this happen?"
  • Magida Zaki
    Zeinab El Chalkani
  • Rania Youssef
  • Salah Abdallah
    Zeinad Second Husband
  • Ahmed Azmi
  • Haytham Mohamad
  • Reem Al Baroudi
  • Sami Maghawri
  • Abdullah Moshref
  • Majed Al Kadwani

  • Fida' El Shendawili
  • Mohammad Al Rashidi