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The Story of Yesterday

The Story of Yesterday

  • SERIES | Drama
    31 episodes | 45 min
  • Season 1 | 2008
    Country of origin: Egypt
This is the story of an Egyptian family - a common social tragedy reflected in the chronicle of the father Ahmad who works as an engineer and his wife Zahra working with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and their children May and Walid. In search for a better living standard, they decided to migrate to Kuwait where they have found decent jobs and better income, and there they lived, 13 years nurtured with love, support and sacrifices, until came the day when the children have to join prominent universities in their mother country and the mother had to move out with them. Between Kuwait and Cairo, they lived a separate life, a father, on his own, working hard and a mother sheltering home and family.  In his loneliness, the father sought a bit of joy and security in the presence of the family friend, Mirvat, but things have evolved unpredictably until they found themselves helplessly falling for each other...

It was the end of happy days for Zahra when she learnt a marriage was concluded behind her back and Mirvat, now the legitimate wife, refuses to remain only in the shadow. Broken, desperate and disillusioned, Zahra embarked on a lonely journey. Divorced and distressed, she abandoned her children and went on seeking professional achievement and career success. She resorted to her previous job and there she met Ra'afat, an old friend who had previously proposed to her, and who decided to help her get a promotion to become a diplomatic corps in one of the Egyptian Embassies in Europe. Again he proposed to marry her - but just as she thought happiness found a way back to her life, she receives a sinister call: after having a drug dose, her son is the hospital following a horrible car crash...

Between light and shadow, between life and death, the menacing battle starts again!
  • Elham Shahine
    Zahra Abou Bakr Chehab
  • Mostafa Fahmi
    Ahmad Al Cheikh
  • Ahmed Khalil
    Dr. Abou Bakr Chehab
  • Abdel Iman Abdallah
    Abou Abdallah
  • Hussam Fares
  • Ahmad Mrad
  • Hiba Magdy
  • Yasmine Jamal

  • Inaam Mohammad Ali
  • Mohammad Galal Abdelkawi