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Word of Honor

  • SERIES | Drama
    34 episodes | 45 min
  • Season 1 | 2008
    Country of origin: Egypt
This is the story of Dunia, the young and sensitive pretty girl who had high hopes and dreams, before the hands of destiny hit her hard and strong. Her father passed away when she was still too young, a loss that would change her life forever. She had to sacrifice her college studies and accept the job that would help her support the family, before she fell in love with a young poor man, married him, escaping from one misery to another, in the hope that love truly conquers all. 

And life went on… Between pain and hope, Dunia sheltered her husband and children, until came the day when is to solely witness a murder on her way back home, a scene that would turn her life upside down. What if she is the one to see, hear, say no evil! When her silence will only nurture more of such cowardly acts, the killing of a young innocent decent man…  A painful dilemma will consume the life and hopes of young Dounia and her family. Will she stand for what her human conscience called for?  If not her, who on earth will have the courage, the bravery to reveal the truth? Who will take the risk of living with an aching conscience, when sometimes it takes all the heart to say one “word of honor”…
  • Mirvat Amine
  • Ahmed Al Saadani
  • Ibrahim Yosri
  • Hassan Hosni
  • Sami El Adl
  • Zizi El Badrawi
  • Zizi Mustapha
  • Randa El Buhairi
  • Karim El Hussieni
  • Shery Adel

  • Basyouni Othman
  • Sami Mohammad Ali