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The Hero (Al Batal)

The Hero (Al Batal)

  • SERIES | Musical, Game-Show
    31 episodes | 45 min
  • Season 1 | 2009
    Country of origin: Egypt
"This is the most unique and challenging program in the Arab world! The CHAMP... a contest between the celebrities and the audience. Five games in one. Five contests in five different rooms. Who is the smartest, the strongest, the fastest, the most clever and the loser? And the question is ""Who will be the CHAMP""?

Players The program gives the opportunity to meet with the most favorite celebrity, spend unforgettable moments in his/her company, and undertake the most interesting trials to become a winner whereas the celebrities will have the opportunity to donate their winnings to non profit organizations. The celebrities are selected from all over the Arab world.

The games
Time, brains, gaming, fitness and luck.

Hall One: Physical endurance challenge between the player and the celebrity, or the Arms Contest with magnificent Captain Jihane
Hall Two: Who's got the wits? The celebrity or the player?!
Hall Three: The Arcade Game which tests the gaming skills of both the celebrity and the player
Hall Four: The Game of Time - only the quicker is the winner.

Hall Five: The game of Luck - only when contesters are even... 

 And he who has luck is named to be the CHAMP.

Created by
Cedars Art Productio
Rania Haddad
Daniel Khoury 
Directed by
Mohammad Shaebane 
Challenging Program
Presented by
The Radiant Presenter Najla'a Badr "
  • Mohammad Shaaban

  • Mohammad Shaaban