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Because I Have No One Else But You

Because I Have No One Else But You

  • SERIES | Drama
    30 episodes | 45 min
  • Season 1 | 2009
    Country of origin: Egypt

In an isolated remote coastal place, there lived Mounira. She is the wife of one of the richest and most powerful men in Village “Nazlat Rachidi”, leading a happy and secure life, safeguarded under her husband’s arm and their son and daughter… until came the day and her whole  life is turned upside down… Her husband is killed by one his own men! Her whole world shut down.  The Village in total chaos and Mounira found herself, unpredictably, in a situation where she had to rescue her family, her children, her husband’s fortune, in the face of all the greed, the hunger and mostly the grievance she witnessed after her husband’s death. And yet the worst is yet to come…

When she learnt the devastating reality, she realizes how blindly she was driven – a reality that has been creeping around without her noticing… She is now faced with a deadly conflict and a challenging task - whatever happened, she is to stand in the face of evil, stand up for what is right, and fight for the good of her village, her people, her family and her children…

  • Elham Shahine
  • Riad El Khawli
  • Ahmed Azmi
    Ahmad El Rashidi
  • Raham Abdel Ghafour
  • Ahmad Safwat
  • Mirna El Mohandes
  • Mahmoud Al Jundi
  • Shaaban Hussein
  • Dina El Masri
  • Mohammad Shaaban

  • Atef El Bekri
  • Rodwan Shahin