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Abu Dahka Gnane: Ismail Yassine

  • SERIES | Drama, Biography
    30 episodes | 45 min
  • Season 1 | 2009
    Country of origin: Egypt
"This is the story of a prominent and outstanding comedian and a most venerated actor and art performer. Recognized all over the Arab audience by his loving soul and devotion to art and theater, Ismail Yassine remains to the hearts of the most, young and old, the dearest, the most cherished and most prized and respected. His only concern remained the joy of the crowd. His only dedication was to bring back the smiles to their hearts and the enjoyment to their spirit.

His talented and intrinsic performance left the crowd forever elated and overjoyed, while he had to fight for the rest of his life against life’s tragedy, his loneliness, his own disenchantment and more, world-weariness and the bitterness of paucity and need of others… Where have they gone, all those friends, those loved ones and the immeasurable amount of joy he’s given away!  This will be the story of the Man with the Enchanting Smile…"
  • Ahsraf Abdel Baki
    Ismail Yassine
  • Salah Abdallah
    Abou Saoud El Abyari
  • Rania Farid Shawky
  • Carmen Lebbos
    Badia Massabni
  • Imad Rashad
    Ali Khalil
  • Lotfy Labib
    Yasssine Ismail
  • Alaa Morsi
    Hamdi Salem
  • Aisha El Kilani
    Ismail Yassine Grandma
  • Samah El Said
  • Sami Maghawi
    Salama El Makouji

  • Mohammad Abdel Aziz
  • Ahmad Abou EL Saoud El Ibyari