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  • SERIES | Drama
    30 episodes | 45 min
  • Season 1 | 2014
    Country of origin: Egypt
"Bassel Hamad El Basha, a wealthy and prominent man living in Dahshah, a quiet village on the outskirt of Cairo, decides to split his fortune among his three daughters after suspecting his three half- brothers are plotting to dispossess him.

The two oldest daughters happily accept the lucrative agreement, but the youngest, and the dearest to her father's heart, refuses to take part in the deal.

Puzzled and consumed with rage, paranoid and disillusioned, Bassel loses touch with life as his loses his old-days patriarchal control.

His painful descent into senility leaves him bitterly opposed to his daughters' ways of dealing with his fortune.

Divided forever, everyone struggles to stay strong in the face of adversity, except for Bassel who buried himself alive, in a grave he has long built for his lonely soul. "
  • Yehia El Fakharany
    Bassel Hamad Basha
  • Fathi Abdel Wahab
    Al Ghareeb
  • Yosra El Lozy
    Naama Basha
  • Hanan Motawie
    Rabiha Basha
  • Nabil Halfawi
    Alam Hamad Basha
  • Yasser Galal
  • Samah Said
    Nawal Basha
  • Yasser Al Masri
    Abu Al Yazeed

  • Shadi Al Fakharany
  • Abdel Rahim Kamal