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I Need a Man

I Need a Man

  • SERIES | Drama, Romance, Action
    60 episodes | 45 min
  • Season 1 | 2015
    Country of origin: Egypt
"Salim Abdul Majeed is a happily married magistrate, and a father of two little girls.

After giving birth to their second girl, the doctors warned Amina, his wife, that pregnancy would put her own life at risk.

Salim was satisfied with his family; he never asked for more, but his mother, Yamina, insisted he should have a son to honor his name and the name of his father.

To realize her wish, she arranged for a secret marriage with a young woman living the suburb, and, despite his love and respect to his wife, Salim yielded to his mother's wish. However, some secrets never stay secret.

When the bitter truth is revealed, Amina filed a lawsuit enforced by a court order to investigate the right of women to file a divorce in case the husband is incapable of producing a male offspring. To avenge her dignity, she went even further; she delved into a complex issue that raised lots of doubts and social controversies.

She wanted to prove that eventually it is the man who determines the gender of the baby and not the woman. In a man's world and a woman-to-man fight, it takes more than one to make a winner...

Amina's personal case was turned into a paradigm that concerns every single woman, the right to divorce when she desires a baby boy but the man is unable to satisfy her wish. "
  • Souhair Al Mourshidi
  • Hazem Samir
  • Mayar El Ghity
  • Mirna Mohandes
  • Iyad Nassar
  • Dhafer L'Abidine
  • Mariam Hassan
  • Ahmad Abdel Aziz

  • Mohammad Mostafa
  • Nour Abdel Majid
  • Shahira Salam