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Round Trip

Round Trip

  • SERIES | Drama, Action, Thriller
    30 episodes | 45 min
  • Season 1 | 2015
    Country of origin: Egypt
"Complex overtones surround the mysterious kidnapping of Yassine, the nine-year-old boy who disappeared in the Ma'adi neighborhood where he resides with his parents.

Happily married since more than ten years, Khaled, Reem and Yassine lead a peaceful and happy life.

Khaled is an ambitious young man working for a prominent Egyptian computer engineering company. His life is turned upside down when Yassine, his only child had mysteriously vanished.

He moved heaven and earth to recover his missing son, leaving no stone unturned in a search that seemed to have lasted forever, but looking at all the findings, no definite and unambiguous conclusion can be drawn.

The whereabouts of his son were surrounded by the most mysterious events that the more he looks the more shadows are revealed in incidents beyond all fathomable imagination... "
  • Ahmed El Saka
    Khaled Ibrashi
  • Injy El Mokkaddem
    Ghada Taymeh
  • Yasser Galal
    Hussein Jawhar
  • Adham Kharshoum
    Yassine Ibrashi
  • Magdi Kamel
    Sami Sobhi
  • Feryal Youssef
  • Lekaa Swedan
    Hala Ibrashi
  • Bayoumi Fouad
    Jalal Shokri
  • Ahmed Rateb
  • Ehab Fahmy

  • Ahmad Shafik
  • Issam Youssef