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Those Who Feared Shame, Died

Those Who Feared Shame, Died

  • MOVIES | Drama
  • 2016
    Country of origin: Egypt
"Six women met in a pension allocated for women only and which is owned by a seventh one who felt to be like a mother to them… Each one of these seven women is suffering from a problem in her life.

A problem which represents similar crises women face in our oriental communities… Layla, Kouki, Abir, Safia, Semsom, Walaa and Amani join forces, thinking that their union would mitigate and reduce the damages; but they were wrong… In contrast, the cycle of violence against them expands and they are all accused of a crime involving moral turpitude, to discover later that it has been fabricated. After acquittal, they are again accused of a murder, leading three of them to the execution chamber.

What do they do and what happens in this complicated women’s drama shedding light on the women’s ability to face all types of injustice and oppression with joy, when they gather to share their worries, dreams and hopes and maybe to sing and dance in these dark nights. After all, they manage to find joy in the cruelty of this community."
  • Ghada Abdelrazek
  • Abeer Sabry
  • Salwa Khattab
  • Heidy Karam
  • Marwa Abdel Moneim
  • Marwa
  • Mohamad Mahmoud Abdel Aziz
  • Ehab Fahmy
    Karim Rifat
  • Ahmad Safwat
    Dr. Khaled
  • Amira Sherif

  • Ismail Farouk
  • Mohmmad Abdelkhalek