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6 women & a Man 7

6 women & a Man 7

  • SERIES | Comedy
    30 episodes | 30 min
  • Season 7 | 2010
    Country of origin: Egypt

He is surrounded by women and a hell of women stories: the insistent wife Rania, the hostile sister Sana'a, the disobedient daughter Yasemin, the adolescent and sister-in-law Najla'a, the never ending fight with mother Ina'am and the nagging mother-in-law Majeedah.  A hurricane of women sweeps over the life of Adel every day, and everyday he prays for one last chance of change. However, Adel is a talented writer and a poet who longs for support and approval, but poor Adel, insulted and embarrassed as no man can be, no one in the surrounding would lend a helping hand, except for his friend Ramzi, but Ramzi is the last man Adel would turn to, because disasters pour over Adel's head every time Ramzi is involved. In the middle of all such chaos and all uncertainties associated with poetry, Ramzi and women, Adel is hilariously victimized. Between all the tragic-comic scenes, a story like never before, unfolds in subtly different ways... 

  • nivine mohamad
  • ashraf abdel baki
  • anaaM EL JRAYTLY
  • entesar
  • lekaa El Khamissi
  • maha abou ouf
  • menna arafa
  • salah abdallah
  • sameh hussein

  • wala'el sherif
  • asad fouladkar