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rajjal wosst el hareem

  • SERIES | Comedy
    30 episodes | 30 min
  • Season 1 | 2012
    Country of origin: United Arab Emirates

Rajjal Wost El Hareem hosts a bouquet of the leading and most loved actors and actresses. It is the first Gulf-character sitcom revolving around Moubarak, a 35 years old man who owns a home appliances shop along with a permanent secure job with the public sector. Moubarak is a sensitive tranquil person, he' s leading a happy life with his wife and daughter, entertained with his tendencies to arts and poetry. But his peace will not last forever - his life is stormed by unsual events that forced him to stay in the same house with his mother, sister, mother-in-law, sister-in-law and all the hoards of visitors every minute of the day, all through the week...  
  • Ahmad Al Oounane
  • Dana
  • Farhan El Ali
  • Ibtisam Abdallah
  • Intisar Al Sharrah
    Our Sarah
  • Karam Fathi
  • Marwa Mohamad
  • Misk
  • Mohamad Jaber
    Abou Moubarak
  • Mohammad Al Sayrafi
  • Souad Ali
    Oum Moubarak