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  • SERIES | Drama
    30 episodes | 45 min
  • Season 1 | 2018
    Country of origin: Egypt
Omar is a mechanical engineer who fights and creates, supports his sick mother and works in the maintenance center owned by Shahab Mahfouz. Shehab believes that Omar abused his wife Sarah in his absence. He has a drug case for which he is unjustly imprisoned, and then gets out of prison three years later when he is acquitted and the real criminal confesses his crime. My son is out of prison, losing his mother who died of illness, his work, and his chance to enter the World Kick Boxing Championship:the sport that surpasses him, and his sweetheart who married her neighbor. 

However, Omar tries to continue his life, and as he returns from his new job, the girl can be saved from the hand of Sharif Al Leithi, who tried to rape her, while Omar Sharif is thrown on his head and dies later. Omar escapes and the police arrest Mary, who is alleged to have killed Sharif by mistake while being assaulted in self-defense, so as not to expose Omar to legal accountability. Mary is indeed sentenced to one year suspended.Omar then marries Mariam, but the businessman Sharif Leithi tries to kill Mary, who killed his only son. Before Omar fled with Mary to another country, Sharif discovered that Omar was the one who killed his son after recording a surveillance camera at the scene. Police arrests Omar on charges of killing Sharif Al-Leithi by mistake after Mariam admitted he was defending her and sentenced Omar to seven years in prison.  

To the public opinion that follows the case of Omar and sympathize with him for his former prison and injustice. Now he wonders: Why don't we deduct the three years that Omar spent in prison unjustly from the balance of his new rule for manslaughter? The lawmakers say that there is no law in the whole world that permits this. People ask: Why don't we create this law? Hashtag: The law of Omar on all means of social media, and his case becomes a public opinion, and the People's Assembly is already beginning to discuss this new law: the law of Omar. However, Omar escaped from prison before the law was passed, and decided not to surrender until this law appeared, a market compensated for the previous injustice suffered, in addition to all that he lost because of it.
  • hamada hilal
  • iman el assi
  • ahmad Issam
  • fatima el nasser
  • hamada barakat
  • fattouh ahmad
  • mohsen mansour
  • ihab fahmi
  • mustafa abou sarie
  • nesma mohamad
  • mohamad el amrousi
    Dr. mohamad

  • Ahmad Shafik
  • Fidaa El Shendawili