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I want to get married

  • SERIES | Comedy
    30 episodes | 30 min
  • Season 1 | 2010
    Country of origin: Egypt
Following an Egyptian blogger skirting around the issue  in 2007 and the extensive success it pulled off thanks to half a million net surfers, ‘I Want to Get Married', became a best-selling book, when a Egyptian woman  unashamedly declares her quest loud and clear - I want a husband, and I want one now. International TV channels, the likes of Washington Post and New York Times later undertook a broad investigation, trying to observe and analyze the social, cultural and political motives behind the great success.

The book was published by Dar Ashourouk Publishers in February 2008 and occupies the best sellers shelves ever since. 30 000 copies were already sold out and more copies are being under publication. The film series is based on the book's events: a young woman who is anxious to find herself a husband, lives all the ups and (mostly) downs in her quest in Egypt's conservative matchmaking culture.  Unable to approach men outside the immediate family themselves, she must rely on relatives, neighbours and meddling aunties to arrange living room introductions for ‘suitable' bachelors; an unenviable process made all the worse by Egypt's rising female-to-male ratio. Aware of her bitter disillusionment and lost dreams when the men she encounters are no more than just another ones and noticing her biological clock ticking so loud, she becomes self- deprecating, savvy and funny as hell - the episodes whizz along in an enjoyable stream of slang and manic punctuation.  She's just as exuberant narrating her romantic disasters as she is musing on topics such as women's independence, social constraints, the cultural and family environment, dreams awakening and the real McCoy  who may never come...
  • Hind sabri
  • ahmad fouad salim
  • saws badr
  • tarek Al Ibyari

  • rami adel imam
  • ghada abdel aal