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Love Me Not

Love Me Not

  • SERIES | Drama
    60 episodes | 60 min
  • Season 1 | 2019
    Country of origin: Lebanon

Everybody fears Abu Fawzi Abdallah in the village. The old man gained dominance through hard work and fortune; a power that made him lose one of the most important things in life: his family. 

His daughter Sabah escaped him after she fell in love with Yasser, the gardener, whom she married. His grand-daughters decided to live their life far from him: Yasma lives in Paris and Yumna spends her time with her boyfriend, escaping reality with drugs and alcohol. 

As for their brother, Youssef, he tries to please his grandfather knowing that the only way for him to become independent is to inherit his fortune. However, his wife Lara, does not agree with him on this and spends her days trying to convince him to move out from Abu Fawzi’s Villa, seeking privacy.


Amidst this hate, only one true love occupies Abu Fawzi’s heart: his love for his son Fawzi, a broken hearted man, haunted by a murder that happened in the past: the murder of his beloved Sawsan and her husband Adel. Rumor has it that the disturbed Adel killed his wife and committed suicide after that he sent his two children, Fares and Deema, to their aunt in Syria.


After years, Fares comes back to the village with his sister Deema, to the place where their parents got killed, deciding to reopen the Syrian restaurants their mother and father dreamed of. However, the real reason behind Fares' come-back is his will to find the truth behind the murder. 


He discovers that Fawzi fell in love with his mother Sawsan and that the real story behind the murder was never uncovered. Things get more and more complicated when he falls in love with Yasma, Fawzi’s beautiful daughter. A love and hate relationship starts in the heart of two young souls.

  • Motasem Al Nahar
  • Valerie Abou Chacra
  • Rozina Lazkani
  • Nadine Khoury
  • Mohamed Qanuaa
  • Ahmad Al Zein
    Abu Fawzi
  • Pierre Dagher
  • Carla Boutros
  • Joe Trad
  • Zeina Makki
  • Natasha Choufani
  • ِElsa Zgheib
  • Liliane Nemri

  • Rasha Sharbatji
  • Claudia Marchalian