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Son of the Oppressed

Son of the Oppressed

  • SERIES | Drama
    30 episodes | 45 min
  • 2019
    Country of origin: Egypt

Issa is very respected from the villagers of “Hoor” that is affiliated to “Malwi” center in the governorate of “Al Meena” where he works as a History and Sociology teacher at the College of Malwi for girls… He lives at the “Hoor” with his mom Waneesa who has a liver illness and with his sister Saffiya who is 30 years old and is engaged to Amer who is younger than her. He is the son of the Hajj Allam, the owner of a tile factory in the village. His mother is against this engagement. 

Hamza (28 years old) - Issa’s brother - and his wife Azhar live with the family. Hamza is always very angry and violent. His wife wishes she married someone as calm as Issa.

Sadik (25 years old) is Issa’s second brother. He’s married to Hanniya who suffers from his stinginess and selfishness. Qamar who is 17 years old, is the youngest sister, student at the university of Menya. She fell in love with Dahy, the owner of agriculture equipment and who is 20 years older than her. Dahy used to be Issa’s friend but rumor says that he gained his money by dealing with drugs. Dahy didn’t continue his education and got rich while Issa continued his education and remained poor.

Days it will be played
7 days per week
  • Ahmad Sakka
  • Mohamed Mamdouh
  • Mai Omar
  • Engy Al Mokaddem
  • Edward
  • Hiba Magdy
  • Kareem Afifi

  • Mohamad Sami
  • Ayman Salama