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Moment of Silence

Moment of Silence

  • SERIES | Drama
    30 episodes | 45 min
  • Season 1 |
    Country of origin: Syria

It’s 3:00 AM. The prison warden arrives. An unpredicted visit with an unexpected order: to execute the death sentences of the prisoners Amir Nasser and Adham Mansour… Immediately and disregarding all the protocols. A series of strange events will follow: the prisoners’ cell starts burning and a new warden is directly appointed. It is just later, when the new warden leaves and that the condemned prisoners find themselves in the back of his car that all what happened will start to make sense.

Amir and Adham are now left with an officer to guard them until the sun rises. Sensing the long imagined freedom, the two will do everything that it takes to escape and never go back to jail.

Looking for forged passports, the two outlaws, Amir and Adham, find themselves at Atouf’s house where the skilled Samara will do her perfect job… for free. Samara’s personality and beauty will leave Amir in awe.


Days it will be played
Ramadan 2019
  • Abed Fahd
    Amir Nasser
  • Stephanie Saliba
    Samara Al Rawi
  • Fadi Sabih
    Abu Al Azem
  • Khaled Alkeesh
    Issam Shahine
  • Fadi Abi Samra
    Adham Mansour
  • Rana Shmeis
  • Youssef Haddad

  • Samer Radwan
  • Chawki Majri