Halal Love / Bel Halal

Four tragi-comic interconnected stories that follow devout Muslim men and women as they try to manage their love life and desires, without breaking any of their religion's rules. An absolutely delightful film with endearing performances by the entire cast. The treatment of BIL HALAL was selected for Open Doors in Locarno Film Festival.

Director : Assad Fouladkar
Producer : Gerhard Meixner, Roman Paul, Sadek Sabbah
Scriptwriter : Assad Fouladkar
Cinematographer : Lutz Reitemeier
Editor : Nadia Ben Rachid
Composer : Amine Bouhafa
Cast : Darine Hamze, Rodrigue Sleiman, Mirna Moukarzel, Zeinab Hind Khadra, Hussein Mokaddem, Ali Sammoury, Fadia Abi Chahine introducing Berlin Badr and Christy Bared


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