Drama / Social / 16+

Writen & Directed by: Magdy Ahmed Ali
Based on the Novel: Mawlana by Ibrahim Issa
Production: I Production / Amgad Sabri
Featuring: Amr Saad, Dorra, Ahmed Magdy, Bayoumi Fouad & Reham Haggag
Director of Photography: Ahmad Bishari Music by: Adel Hakki
Edited by: Soulafa Noureddin Art Direction: Hend Haidar
Duration: 130 minutes Format: HD, Color

A seemingly traditional journey of a young sheikh in a governmental mosque who moves
from leading prayers to becoming a TV celebrity issuing "fatwas" that are accepted by
millions who have become fans of his as a result of his courage and his attempts to deviate
from the usual religious rhetoric in a society heavily influenced by fundamentalism.
Sheikh Hatem finds himself caught in a complex network of conflict, between the partial
loss of a son being treated abroad and a wife whose love has grown cold, and security
institutions trying to control him and - using his vulnerabilities - exploiting him to serve their
interests. Meanwhile, a sovereign entity entangles him in solving a problem for the president,
whose son causes the family an embarrassment such a fragile society can't handle.

"I cannot tell the entire truth, but I do my very best to speak nothing else." This is what Sheikh
Hatem tries to do.

Will he be able to create even a small fracture in a thick wall of hypocrisy and fear?

• Official Selection (MUHR) for Dubai International Film Festival 2016


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