Flower of Aleppo

Drama / PG 13

Written & Directed by: Ridha Behi
Featuring: Hend Sabri, Badis Behi, Hichem Rostom, Mohamed Ali Ben Jomaa, Rayya Laajimi
Bassam Lotfi & Jihad Zoghby
Producer: Ridha Behi, Sadek & Ali Sabbah, Hend Sabri, Ziad hamzeh, Dimitri Khodr
Alya Films in coproduction with Cedars Art Production (Sabbah Brothers), Salam Prod,Hamzeh Mystiques Films and RB Production (Tunisia/Lebanon)

In participation with Centre National du Cinema et de l'image (CNCI)
Director of Photography: Mohamad Maghraoui Music by: Omar Aloulou
Edited by: Kahena Attia, Bertrand Reynold
Duration: 100 minutes Format: HD, Color

Salma is a 37 years old woman working as paramedic nurse under contracts with many private and public hospitals in Tunisia. She faces various professional difficulties and obstacles resulting from the weak capabilities available for the medical sector staff and from the poverty prevailing in the Tunisian society. She is about to complete the required procedures to divorce her husband Hisham, 55 years old artist and sculptor, alcoholic and incapable of earning his livelihood with dignity. They only have one son, Murad,18 years old who lacks assurance and confidence about his identity, which drove him to join a terrorist Salafist Islamic movement, seeking haven and self-fulfillment. Salma fails to establish good relations with her son and all her attempts were in vain to separate him from the Salafist Group which finally convinced him to go to Jihad in Syria. Salma takes the role of a jihadist to join Al-Nusra Front in Syria, with the aim of bringing her son back to Tunisia...

Will she succeed in taking her son out of Syria and all its complications and what will she face there...?

• Tunisia's Official Oscar Entry 2016
• Golden Globe Award Nomination


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