Al Halal

The series events start with Dahabia, the young woman who inherited from her mother the profession of ritual folkloric dancer (El Zar dance), and who lives in the Haret el Tayyib neighborhood near Bal El Khalq... There, most men try to obtain her content and affection, either because they fear the prominent local lords or because they desire her femininity and beauty ... The hajji Anas El Tayyib, chief of the clan, owner of the bean fireplace and public hammam located at the end of the neighborhood... Anas has a wife, the beautiful and fat Narjess, mother of his two children, a boy and a girl... He manages her money... Anas adores Dahabia and chases her so that she agrees to marry him, but she rejects him because she is sought by influent men for whom she dances the Zar in order to bring them luck and throw away the evil.
Anas keeps on chasing Dahabia until she falls in trouble. He stands by her and helps her get out of it provided she marries him. Indeed, she says yes.
In the hood, there are two beautiful girls named "Fatima" and "Salma". Anas is a man who loves women and loves to marry ... so he takes advantage of Fatima and Ghalia's crisis and convinces each one of them individually to marry him secretly; in exchange, he will ensure their future... They both agree and hide the news from everyone, even their own friends, at Anas' request.

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