Forces of Destiny

"From your intentions you will live." That adage was the main rule according to which the young Abdullah was raised. He grew up in a poor family. His dad was a humble man who worked hard to gain some money outside Egypt, in order to educate his children. His mother had the will and the patience to play the role of both father and mother. Thus, Fatima Um Abdullah was able to instill in her son all the noble values, hoping that he will turn out to be a good son who would support her at the present moment and in the future. Abdullah grew up to be a good son and his mother would pray for him saying: "May Allah grant you wealth and riches, and open for you the doors of destiny, Abdullah, son of mine." Will Abdallah turn out to be a good man ? This is the story of a man long rise, and subjected to many falls and ordeals, but also full of exciting love stories.



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