God's Prophets

"God's Prophets" religious TV series presents the biography of all the Prophets from Prophet Adam (p.b.u.h.) to Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h.), the seal of the Prophets, in separated yet interrelated parts in the aim to expose the call to prophecy in addition to presenting the human side of each Prophet in 2 simple yet deep versions in order to please all the audiences by spreading the moral and human values of the Prophets.

The series are inspired by the sum of the writings of the famous late author Ahmad Bahgat and have for reference the Ancient Holy Scriptures based on the Holy Quran.

One version :
Hides the face of the Prophets and simply features them from behind, or exposes different other parts of their body while still maintaining the vocal performance of the person playing the role of the Prophet. This enhances the dramatic narrative structure in accordance to the situations, making it, therefore, more acceptable to the audience especially the youngsters.

The second Version:
The other version that gained the approval of the Academy of Islamic Research at Al-Azhar doesn't feature any of the Prophets in person; the Prophets are represented with a white shadow and a narrator's voice replaces that of the Prophets (p.b.u.t.).
This version was created out of respect to some of the religious scholars at al Azhar, in order to avoid any side problems that could mislead the public from the ultimate purpose of the work: spreading the moral and human values of the Prophets in the finest way.

Season: 1

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