the Company



Our History

It all started in 1954 by Ali-Hussein Sabbah in Cairo and Beirut.

Today, the Sabbah Brothers, Sadek and Ali, succeeded to grow and expand the family business into a healthy corporation, whose branches are in Lebanon, Egypt, Morocco, United Arab Emirates, and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


The production house also has a rich filmography of internationally awarded motion pictures such as Caramel by Nadine Labaki (Winner, Best Director Fortnight Award Cannes Film Festival), Egyptian movie The Preacher (Jury Award Winner) and co-productions with France and Germany such the motion picture Halal Love (Liebe Halal) a film by Assad Fouladkar.


Cedars Art Production’s (CAP) scope of work covers production and execution of TV series and Films in Lebanon, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Egypt and UAE, with the ability to shoot six production projects at the same time in different countries.


In 2000, Cedars Art Production (CAP) established a branch for rendering professional video editing / DVD authoring , sound mastering,  script auditing services.


In 2010, Cedars Art Production (CAP) established in Cairo a sister company for managing the Egyptian Production.


In 2018, Cedars Art Production’s (CAP) established in Casablanca a sister company for managing the Moroccan Production.


In 2021, Cedars Art Production’s (CAP) established in Dubai a sister entity specialized in Theatrical | Digital distribution of Arabic Motion Pictures.


In 2022, Cedars Art Production’s (CAP) is registering a new branch in KSA in order to manage the Saudi originated productions.

Cedars Art Production is active through established local branches in:

Lebanon – Egypt – Morocco – United Arab Emirates and soon Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Cedars Art Production scope of work covers:

Licensing / Commissioning/ Production/ Distribution

TV Series / Films/ TV Shows/ Animations/ Theatre Performance

Originated from the Levant, Maghreb, North Africa and GCC.


The Sabbah Brothers along with the new Sabbah generation succeeded to establish a vibrant and influential production company borne out of their ancestors’ strength, dreams and determination to face challenges and keep honouring the past, while promoting the future.


Social Responsibility

Cedars Art Production (CAP) was able to influence perception and frame collective understanding.  Born from this responsibility to shape and promote a better world. The Sabbah Brothers believes to be socially accountable—to itself, its stakeholders, and the public.


Proud to carry a production catalog, rich in compelling stories that carries as well a social message.


The Sabbah Brothers, got conscious of the kind of impact MEDIA has on all aspects of society, including economic, social, and environmental.